Here to Stand Out

here to stand out.....autism awareness

I specialize in creating and designing custom made paperback notebooks 

The special thing about these notebooks is that they are themed and designed with Autism in mind. Taking care of a person with autism can be a challenging feat. Loving that person makes all the meltdowns and communication barriers worth it. I know, because I do it on a daily basis with my special nephew nicknamed BUBBA. Each notebook you buy is dedicated to him. A sweet, full of personality, smart as a whip little boy who uses his difference as his super power. Spreading love to all that he can in his own special way. As he says…Tag, You’re It.


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Featured here to stand out.....autism awarenessDesign

  • 100 pages
  • 6×9
  • Glossy Paperback Cover
  • Wide lines

PRICE $6.99

This notebook is perfect for writing down daily thoughts and ideas.  It can be used to jot down information and passwords that you don’t want to forget.  It is small enough to fit in most mid size to large purses, bags and backpacks.

It makes a perfect gift for someone with autism or a loved one who of an autistic child.

If you are interested click the link to purchase your HERE TO STAND OUT original notebook.